Loudmouth Collective is rooted in using experienced and well-known artists in the Twin Cities to create strong casts and production teams, people whose work our audiences want to see. We put together groups of people who we admire, who we like to work with, and who audiences want to watch. We pick our shows with specific artists in mind, or pick an artist and find the right show to do with them. We won’t produce a show (no matter how much we love the script) unless we know we can get the perfect artists.

Meet the Loudmouths
Our Board of Directors

Loudmouth Collective is looking forward to seeing you at a show, but we also want you to know a bit about where we are coming from.

We create community
We seek out teams and artists who work together well. It’s our belief that when our artists are a community, it’s much easier to bring our audience into that.

We have fun
Theater is what you make of it, so we make sure to have a good time on stage so you can have a good time in your seat.

We’re small
Loudmouth Collective is moved by what a small ensemble or even one solo performer can do.

We want to share a drink
We love our audiences, and want to get to know them. We’ll always have our artists or staff at the bar after, to talk about the show.

We love language
Our heroes are playwrights like Will Eno, Annie Baker and Rajiv Joseph. We seek out minimal and very specific language that we understand and can uncover.

We don’t waste your time
Who wants to sit through a three hour show with two intermissions? Our shows are short so we can get right to the point, the story.

We are sick of apathy
We want to laugh, cry, smile, get angry, or just feel something. It’s important to us that we investigate everyday struggles, things that happen to people like us.  They’re stories that will move you.

We’ll get there
It’s about trust; trust in our artists, trust in our audience, trust in the story.  We’re going somewhere.  We’ll get there together.

We tell stories
Above all else, we tell stories that ought to be told.