The Testament of Mary

The Testament of Mary by Colm Tóibín
April 21-30, 2017
Open Eye Figure Theatre

Years after her son’s death, Mary, mother of Jesus, is visited by the Gospel writers seeking the truth. In an honest, insightful, and moving first-person narrative, Mary recounts her son’s final days. The Testament of Mary provides a stunning glimpse into the heart and mind of a grieving mother as she’s left with the question: was it worth it?

Mary: Adlyn Carreras

Director:  Jessica Rose McVay
Scenery: Sarah Brandner
Costumes: Amber Brown
Lighting: Mary Montgomery
Sound: Katharine Horowitz
Stage Management: Tracy Swenson

Want to learn more about the world of The Testament of Mary and our production?  Take a peek at our Audience Resource Guide.

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Photo credit: Justin D. Gallo Photography